Serving Policy

LUKUMAΔΕΣ is a counter serve concept, which means your order is being taken at the till and delivered when ready.

You may face a quite long cue, but don’t worry our team is moving fast and its really worth the wait.

We don’t take orders while you are on the cue or through the phone and are happy to guide you through the menu, answering any questions as well as providing all necessary information to help you reach the counter ready to order.

Our cashier will tap your order in the system and will repeat the bill summary to avoid misunderstandings.

You may pay by either cash or credit and will receive a printed receipt and a buzzer that will page when your order is ready to collect.

Return the buzzer and our team will serve you the most delicious Lukumádes you have ever eaten.

You can chose from any of our menu items or have them made-to-order.

In LUKUMAΔΕΣ, we only serve fresh & hot lukumádes right from the fryer.

In case the product is not per your desires, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team and ask for a replacement or even a full refund of your account.

For take away please ensure that you have received your entire order as indicated at the receipt, before leaving the shop. We will not be able to replace items after that point.

We are very sensitive on high quality standards as well as in respecting all clients equally. We also reserve the right to refuse service to any misbehavior.