Making of

Our philosophy at LUKUMΑΔΕΣ is love for authentic products with deep roots in Greek tradition.

For this reason we have chosen to keep lukumádes classic form with the core of the old recipe and add some more healthy materials, most of which are being produced in Greece. Always hot and fresh-to-order.

making of lukumades

Homemade Dough

Our dough is prepared daily, on an on-demand basis, so that its fresh in all portions served. All materials are chosen with great care and after a deep research and quality control process. Our recipe is simple, well balanced and tasteful; the round bite-sized lukumádes are getting fried in our open-kitchen, being served in a matter of minutes.


Frying Process

The most critical step in the production process is the frequent changes of oil as well as its premium quality. Both are a must in order to result a skyrocket taste result. Old-school clients can well understand how important the frying process is. In LUKUMAΔΕΣ, it’s being executed throughout the day and according to client flow, regardless the order volume or whether it’s a menu selected item or made-to-order.

making of lukumades

Greek Honey

Honey has one of the most valuable and
nutritious ingredients for healthy eating. It boosts energy into our muscles, provides clarity to our brain and regulates the digestive system. A frequent use strengthens the body and helps to prolong our lives. Greece has a long history of honey production; Hippocrates recommended it as a medicine in multiple matters. The all-time classic lukumádes are topped with honey and cinnamon

At LUKUMΑΔΕΣ, we use pure Greek flower honey, which results to this unique flavor.

The ‘injected’ (signature)

A specialty founded in LUKUMAΔΕΣ, the unique ‘injected’ options can be matched with many different flavors, added by spreads on the top as well as gelato on the side.

making of lukumades making of lukumades
making of lukumades


Our gelato is made on a daily basis at our own lab, using 100% fresh milk, with no fat, preservatives and dyes. We adhere to the original artisanal Italian method mixing old techniques with latest technology in order to create exceptional gelato and sorbet with a dense texture and absolute purity in flavor. Our artisans have developed a range of Greek-inspired recipes and unique flavors to perfectly match lukumádes.

making of lukumades

Round Stone Coffee

Evolving into making our own coffee was primarily about being able to express what our view of exceptional coffee is. Partnering with taf roastery helped us craft a blend that matches our vision. Round Stone Coffee is offered exclusively in our houses.