Basically, they are simple dough balls made with flour, dry yeast, water and starch, served warm with honey and cinnamon.

Simple and easy to make, lukumádes are very popular among children of all ages. Nowadays, they are served along with a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate in coffee shops or after a meal in taverns. People love to end a good meal, having lukumádes drizzled with pure honey and cinnamon as a dessert.


They are to die for
& so addictive
you just can’t stop
after eating the first!


Our Story

To re-invent lukumádes, one of the most historical desserts, by applying new techniques (while keeping the core traditional fundamentals), and win the “sweetest part of our clients’ hearts!”

Our mission is to make lukumádes a top-of-head dessert crave in every single international market. We strive to build lifetime relationships with clients, suppliers and the greater food & beverage industry, seeking continuous creation, differentiation and cutting-edge innovation.


We would like our products and overall shop experience to speak of our heritage, culture and values. All our people to work with dignity, reliability and respect towards our clients and the community.


The core values that govern the company and its partners and which each member must safeguard are the following:

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  • Be guided by Sincerity, Safety & High level of Quality Standards
  • Behave with Integrity & Accountability
  • Continuously think about ways to increase Productivity, ensuring Sustainability of the area of Responsibility as well as its wider environment.
  • Respect the Dignity & Rights of every collaborator (client - partner -vendor)
  • Act as a Precursor, always under a 'sense of urgency'
  • Use the company’s assets and resources in its best interest
  • Support client - partner - vendor initiatives in social & cultural participations
  • Respect business confidentiality
  • Comply with applicable Laws & Regulations
  • Act with respect to the natural environment
  • LUKUMAΔΕΣ was founded, opening its first flagship shop in the heart of the Athenian market.
  • The brand already finds great appreciation, getting global media attention. New York Times, British Airways high life, KLM iFly and other press titles featuring LUKUMAΔΕΣ in “places-to-visit” articles.
  • Introducing “The Canteen”, a three-wheeled food-truck catering cultural, private & corporate events while attending different festivals.
  • LUKUMAΔΕΣ receives several awards for customer service, being ranked as Trip Advisor’s No. 1 dessert shop and within the top-20 restaurants (in the broader industry) of the entire city of Athens.
  • Launch of savory using pure Greek products such as feta and mizithra cheese, olives, tomato and more.
  • Prince of Wales Charles & Duchess of Cornwall Camilla visits LUKUMAΔΕΣ stating: “We are all Greeks” embracing his Greek ties.
  • Creation of own gelato lab.
  • LUKUMAΔΕΣ introduced its new brand identity and updated shop concept.
  • Opening of the first mall shop in Athens (River West Open).
  • Opening of the first airport shop (Athens International Airport), the first international shop in North Macedonia as well as two new shops in Attica region (Piraeus & Acropolis).